The Africa 1K Challenge program kicked off this month initially in a private Facebook group, Africa 1k Challenge.

In the first lesson, “An introduction to the Africa 1k Challenge”, Simon highlighted how the internet has destroyed physical borders. Group members appreciated the sharing, and were excited to begin .One of the students had to say:

Looking at this program, really we don’t need to worry about being employed or even looking at companies in our nation or even travelling abroad to get employment.

Nomalanga Todhlana

The podcast, “How to Achieve Just About Anything”, helped the community  set achievable goals using the one-paged planner template provided.

Members started setting up their Fiverr accounts after the lesson, “How to Start Making Money Online by Joining the Digital Marketplaces”.

Mindset series episodes, “Dealing with family pressure To Go and Get a Job”, and “Challenging Your Assumptions”, were provided to help  deal with challenges that are going to arise.

A shift to the WhatsApp platform for interaction has been  made because of data costs and for better interaction.

This beginning had members reflecting on their goals , they are geared up to begin on this challenge.

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