Simon taught on owning one’s online presence. Group members shared their unfavorable online appearances which needed changing and were provided with free website builders they could use to enhance their portfolios.

 The community reflected on when ‘Imposter Syndrome’ occurred in them and how they would stop it. “Four Mistakes Freelancers Have To Avoid,” were given to help members as they got started with their Fiverr gigs. Simon’s Case Study on “Packaging Everyday Information” left the group in awe, illuminating what they had been overlooking.

Mercy reached her 1k for the month through graphic design.

A UK digital agency was to give some of its work to the Africa 1K cohort and an “eBook Creation Competition” announcement was made.

Having been told of the importance of doing an online audit has had some individuals panicking  and scurrying to edit their not so appealing online profiles.

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