Group members opened up on “Their Poison” and how they thought they would remove it, following the lesson on it.

The importance of an “Online Portfolio To Secure Remote Work” was emphasized on; group members shared their online portfolios.

There were some improvements to be celebrated as well. Ashton got reviews on Fiverr. The eBook Challenge had helped Yvonne to complete work in her name. Chiratidzo realized that he could actually write something that people can read.

A revisit to the goal sheet was done in order to ensure that everyone was still on track.

Simon encouraged group members to participate for them to see personal change, “Your prize is a direct reflection of your grind.”

The group is excited for the upcoming Zoom Meeting.

Ghosts were kindly asked to leave the group.

It has been challenging for the group to confront their weaknesses, but they have been bold enough to share them with the rest of the group. Everyone is happy about seeing each other’s faces for the first time during the first Zoom meeting.

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