Meeting for the first time on Zoom was thrilling.

“The Customer Gives The Solution To Their Own Problem.” Who had known?

Nkosi highlighted the on demand skills of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in his eBook. Simon mentioned his presentation on the topic, on the future of learning.

Group members gave the options, Payoneer  or Diaspora relative’s Paypal account for getting the money they earned online to them in Zimbabwe.

Malvern celebrated with the group on his first Fiverr gig.

There was hype about a graphic designer on Twitter who posted a new look of Mazoe, he being a perfect example of one creating their own luck.

Tafadzwa shared how he had been practicing what he was learning from the group, and how he took a chance on an opportunity that seemed too big for him. He advised that association matters.

Simon cautioned that freelancers not take up bad deals so that they don’t set themselves up for failure.

The community feels enlightened after having the second Zoom meeting because there was a lot to learn from Jussa Dementa’s personal journey. There is no need to reinvent the wheel after all. Acting and showing up counts a lot.

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