Africa 1k Challenge

Participants who take on the 1k Challenge will go on a guided mission, supported by experienced mentors as well as peers to seek and discover how they can start generating at least USD1k a month by joining & participating on the Global Digital Skills Marketplace.

What is the Global Digital Skills Marketplace? Essentially it’s best described as the various online (internet-based) platforms that offer individuals from all over the world, the opportunity to trade their knowledge, skills and insights for money whilst working remotely.

That’s right, this is all about applying your skills to opportunities from all over the world and generating an income from it.

Sound interesting?

To enable just in time learning we have developed a series of on demand digital courses centered.

These courses are perfect for individuals who want to learn at their own pace and those who have unfortunately not been able to get into the main 1k challenge programme.

On Demand Sessions