This month, a big announcement was made: Final Year Project Funding. The Africa 1K Challenge Final Project Grants document explaining the details was provided including a template to help come up with the proposal document. The proposals were handed in on the 19th.

Some members shared their inspiring 1k Challenge program journey videos. They were put up on the newly launched Africa 1K Challenge website.

In the group, the community had a lot to tell.

Malvern shared how he has made significant changes in working towards making that 1K and how he is learning Digital Marketing with Google.

Simba wants to implement Digital Marketing in his food business.

Mercy found out how a website had helped her oils business grow; she only has to be consistent.

Allan told of his passion in finance and economics, and how he plans to monetize his knowledge by helping people manage their wealth and savings. Simon gave an example of a model which Allan can mimic, that of Jack’s Flight Club.

Maureen shared on her invitation to send her music video to Channel  O.

 Ashton informed on his to be launched YouTube channel on an African series. He told of how he is collecting content for his channel.

 Nigel shared a link to his YouTube channel where he teaches how to create patterns on a computer. The group members gave ideas on how he can monetize his idea.

Jeffrey gave a link to his website, which is there to support, engage and encourage start-ups.

Malvern shares with the group a YouTube video on how the community can make money on the platform.

Tafadzwa shared his findings on Instagram and Facebook promotions.

Feedback on the proposals was given.

Simon announced his partnership with Arthur Marara to deliver a fast track version of the Africa 1k Challenge to start on 3 October.

The community has been enthusiastic about the project assistance and sponsorship. There  have been a lot of stories to celebrate this month.

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