Challenge Structure & Delivery

What does the challenge involve?

The challenge takes applicants on an exciting, life-changing journey of taking stock of who they are and where they currently stand mentally and economically. We then help them Re-define who they are in a new, globally focused world.

We achieve this by following these 4(four) steps

Reset The

We identify and breakdown limiting mindsets and misunderstandings around the online space.

We provide them with fresh insights into the global world they live in today, the global digital skills economy, and how to leverage the skills they have already to generate an income online.

Show &

We believe that there is power in stories and examples that one can follow and model.

As a result, we share inspiring stories, impactful examples, detailed case studies & stories from individuals they can relate to who have managed to execute and achieve success online.

Africa 1k - Simon

Build Digital

Using our proprietary ‘Diamond Formation Strategy’ ™, we help each individual identify, create, package and monetise their digital asset.

This phase also incorporates a series of Digital Skills Training sessions related to each individual’s digital asset. We cover areas such as Customer Pain Discovery, Digital Marketing and Monetisation.

impact goals

Community & Accountability

Our lives tend to follow the direction of our conversations & associations.

The programme provides each member with access to an Accountability group to share the journey with like-minded peers at different stages of the same journey.

How Is The Programme Delivered?

We knew that the project had to be Scalable, Affordable & Adaptable. We wanted to leverage the tools of our times, such as technology, social influence and creative content delivery styles, to make sure the project could grow beyond the localised pilot group.


Facilitator Led

Mode: In-person or Virtual
Delivered By: Instructor

A trained facilitator can deliver the entire programme. We offer a Toolkit designed to empower teachers, entrepreneurs and consultants to deliver the programme within their institutions to their students, members or social media followers.

Africa1k challenge WhatsApp as a learning platform

Social Media As A Learning Platform

Mode: WhatsApp or Facebook
Delivered By: Community Group Admin Lead)

During the pilot, we delivered the entire pilot programme successfully using social media platforms such as WhatsApp & Facebook as an education delivery tool. The opportunity to deliver the challenge using social media allows the challenge to reach participant where they currently hang out.

App-Based (Digitally led Facilitator Free) Training

Mode: Android/Apple mobile application

With the view to scale, we have also developed a dedicated content delivery mobile application that contains all the learning material, offering a self-learning environment for participants. The app also hosts a compelling community area that improves the imperfections of social media-based platforms being used as learning tools.

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