Take on the Africa 1k Challenge

The Africa 1k Challenge is a Digital Entrepreneurship Training Programme that educates participants on how they can start earning a steady income online using the skills they already have.

The Backdrop

“Never has there been a time like this in the history of humanity. We live in a time where anyone, anywhere in the world with access to an internet connection has the tools and capability to participate and generate a steady income online. The era that the generations before us spoke of has arrived. An era where what once was impossible is now possible.”

“A paradigm shift is taking place across the world. We have entered the era of endless possibilities.”

“Money isn’t money any more, knowledge & wisdom are the new currency. If you were poor before, you have the opportunity to become the rich of tomorrow.”

Every game has its own rules and its own language… Learn the rules, and language of the money online game.

Strive Masiyiwa

What Does The Challenge Help You Discover?

The challenge takes you on an exciting, life-changing journey of taking stock of who you are, what you know and where you currently stand mentally and economically from a global point of view.

We then help you redefine what value you can comfortably offer to the global digital market and teach you how to harness your unfair advantage to start generating a steady income online.

We achieve this by following these 4(four) steps


We identify and breakdown limiting mindsets and misunderstandings around the online space.

We provide you with fresh insights into the global world they live in today, the global digital skills economy, and how to leverage the skills you have already to generate an income online.


We believe that there is power in stories and examples that one can follow and model.

As a result, we share inspiring stories, impactful examples, detailed case studies & stories from individuals you can relate to. Each sharing how you too can achieve success online.

Digital Assets

Through the ‘Diamond Formation Strategy’ ™, we help you identify, create, package and monetise their digital asset.

This phase also incorporates a series of Digital Skills Training sessions related to each individual’s digital asset. .


Our lives tend to follow the direction of our conversations & associations, and accountability lies at the heart of breakthroughs.

The programme provides you with access to an Accountability group to share the journey with like-minded peers at different stages of the same journey.

Hear What Participants
Have To Say

We are thrilled to share the inspirational life-changing stories that highlight the real impact a programme like this can have on individuals across the continent.

Participants from a Partnership With the Higher life Foundation – Q1 2021

Participants from the Inaugural Pilot – Q1 2020

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It’s time to change your world and grow beyond your current limitations.