We are on a mission to guide & support 1 Million young people across Africa to a $USD1k per month income.

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Welcome To The 1k Challenge

We are on a mission to guide & support 1 Million young people across Africa to a 1k per month income within 1 year of starting the programme.

We believe that the skills, maturity and dedication of the African youth population is now at a stage where they can apply their knowledge in a way that will see them rise up and etch out a new African narrative.

If you wish to move mountains tomorrow, you must start by lifting stones today.”

Ancient African Proverb

2020 (Pilot Year)

Our Achievements So Far


Total Students In Cohort


Making over
USD1,000 p/m


Successfully Earning Online

What does the challenge involve?

The Challenge is a 3-month digital training programme that is designed to equip participants with the necessary understanding & skills to joining and participating on the Global Digital Skills Marketplace and work their way towards at least USD1K a month.

Key Pillars

To achieve this we live there are 3 key pillars.

1) Reset The Mind

We reset the mind and open it to new possibilities presented by the internet.

The programme focuses on sharing fresh insights on the global world they live in today, the global digital skills economy as well as how to leverage the internet to generate an income.

2) Mentoring

We believe that there is power in stories and examples that one can follow and model.

As a result all participants receive dedicated mentoring delivered by real entrepreneurs, mentors & advisors who have executed and achieved success online.

Africa 1k - Simon

3) Accountability

Our lives tend to follow the direction of our conversations & associations.

The programme provides each member with access to an Accountability groups where they can share the journey with like minded peers.

Money isn’t money any more, knowledge & wisdom are the new currency. If you were poor before, you have the opportunity to become the rich of tomorrow.”

Welcome to the Global Economy

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