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Our Story

At the beginning of 2019, we embarked on a mission to explore the possibility of developing a Digital Entrepreneurship Training Programme that would empower participants (mainly unemployed graduates) to compete for remote employment opportunities on Digital Marketplaces across the world without leaving their home countries.

We developed 2 trial courses, ran 4 Pilot Programmes and started to watch in amazement as participants who previously struggled to make a decent income in their home countries, started to earn online working as freelancers and remote workers.

Over the last 18 months, our reach has expanded and impacted thousands of individuals not only across the African Continent but also those in the diaspora.

Follow Our Journey So Far

During A 18 Month Period We Planned And Conducted The Pilot Project.
Setup Year
Year 1 - Project Conception & Curriculum Design
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Feasibility Study, Curriculum. Design, Road Show & Dry Run

  • Dates: June - December 2019
  • Target Age Group: 24 - 38
  • Participants: 10
  • Selection Criteria: Invitation Only
  • Focus: Mindset & Remote Work Readiness
Initial Planning & Engagement

Initial planning & introduction of the concept to key stakeholders

Road Show
Launch Road Show Began with in-person and virtual meetup events across Zimbabwe.
Course Beta Test
Controlled cohort invited to participate in curriculum beta testing and work readiness training.
Pilot Year
Year 2 - Pilot Projects & Curriculum Fine Tuning
Africa1k challenge WhatsApp as a learning platform
  • Dates: January - December 2020
  • Age Group: 24 - 52
  • Participants: 65
  • Selection Criteria: Open Application
  • Focus: Mindset, Online Opportunities
Pilot Project Commences

Africa1k Challenge Pilot Project (1-year curriculum) Commences.

Setup Of Streams
Separation into focused streams based on areas of interest, coupled with dedicated mentoring.
Curriculum Finalisation
Finalisation of curriculum design, the commencement of project toolkit & development of routes to market strategy.
3 Month Curriculum(Influencer led)
Africa1k Challenge Pilot Project (3 Month Curriculum) Commences.
Pilots Round-Up
Pilots are concluded, Evaluations commences & tool kits are finalised.
Partner & Scale Year
Year 3 - Partner & Scale
africa 1k challenge mobile app
  • Dates: January - December 2021
  • Focus: Launch a dedicated learning platform & scale the programme across Africa and partner to reach the most impactful opportunities.
Partnership - Higher-life Foundation
  • Dates: May 2021
  • Focus: 185 Higher Life Foundation Alumni took part in a month-long highly interactive session.
  • Format: Instructor-Led/App Companion based

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