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Our Story

At the beginning of 2019, we embarked on a mission to explore the possibility of developing a Digital Entrepreneurship Training Programme that would empower participants (mainly unemployed graduates) to compete for remote employment opportunities on Digital Marketplaces across the world without leaving their home countries.

We developed 2 trial courses, ran 4 Pilot Programmes and started to watch in amazement as participants who previously struggled to make a decent income in their home countries, started to earn online working as freelancers and remote workers.

Over the last 18 months, our reach has expanded and impacted thousands of individuals not only across the African Continent but also those in the diaspora.

We aim to help you

Discover The Digital Entrepreneur Within


The 1k Challenge takes you on an exciting, life-changing journey of taking stock of:

  • who you are
  • what you know
  • and where you currently stand mentally and economically from a global point of view

We then help you redefine what value you can comfortably offer to the global digital market and teach you how to harness your unfair advantage to start generating a steady income online.

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How We Do It

We pride ourselves in offering courses that focus on the following areas leading to paradigm shifts and breakthrough results.

Resetting The Mindset

We help you identify and break down limiting mindsets and misunderstandings around the online space.

We provide you with fresh insights into the global world you live in today, the global digital skills economy, and how to leverage the skills you have already to generate an income online.

Digital Assets Awareness

Through the ‘Digital Asset Building Formula’ ™, we help you identify, create, package and monetise your digital asset.

The new world we live in sees you in a different way. We help you identify where online your skills & talents can be monetised as a Digital Entrepreneur, Freelancer or Remote based worker.

Community And Accountability

Our lives tend to follow the direction of our conversations & associations and accountability lie at the heart of breakthroughs.

The programme provides you with access to an Accountability group to share the journey with like-minded peers at different stages of the same journey.

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Join thousands of participants across the continent as well as the diaspora who have started their 1k Journey.

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