Alumni Success Stories

1k Challenge Alumni have been finding success online in fun and interesting ways. Here are a few success stories.

Spotlight Success Stories

If you wish to move mountains tomorrow, you must start by lifting stones today.”

Ancient African Proverb

10 - 100k+ Followers in 12 months!

Tafadzwa Joined the Africa 1k Challenge in the first 3- month pilot that ran from October – December 2019.  

He dreamt of running the social media account for a top influencer in his home town and managing the social media accounts for international organisations one day. 

One year later, Tafadzwa had achieved both outcomes and now runs his own social media agency and has helped his clients grow their following from under 10k – 100k+.

Tafadzwa Mandinika
Tafadzwa - Social Media Expert

From a job seeking Engineering graduate to an African Voice Over Artist with Over 50 jobs completed for Customers from around the world.

Shamiso - Voice Over Artist
Shamiso D

Shamiso joined the programme having tried countless income generating projects from selling clothes, to doing hair. Unfortunately, none of them were fruitful no matter how much effort she put in.

Within 3 months of joining the 1k Challenge, Shamiso Picked up her first gig on a freelance digital marketplace working as an African Voice over artist and has not looked back since.

Full time Remote Job secured after returning home from university and struggling to get a job in the subject studied.

Nigel - PPC & SEO Expert

Having attended University as a mature student, Nigel already felt like he was way behind his peers. The fact that he could not secure employment after completing his degree sadly affected his self-confidence.

Within months of joining the programme, he took on the CV Boost Challenge, cleaned up his CV, applied for a competitive remote Job on offer from a London Based Digital Agency and secured his first ever Interview amongst a sea of global applicants.

More Success Stories

Quit his Job in HR after his passion for animation turned from a side hobby to a full time income generator online.


"When you are working alone and trying to achieve something, it isn't easy to judge how far you’ve progressed. Belonging to a progressive community helped a lot. It pushed me to try and do some things differently and ultimately led me to move to work online full time. I now have a full order book creating animations for customers from all over the world and I am now working towards taking on my first round of staff to help me cope with the workload."

Landed his first 1k month working remotely as an Online Course Content LMS administrator.

I really liked the way the program started. It started with the weekly podcasts that helped change the mindset because nothing really changes at the end of the day until one changes their perception, the way they look at things. That was a big plus for me. One of the podcasts that stood out for me was imposter syndrome. It helps when you are trying to do something new, and you are worried about not being qualified for it. I have learnt that one has to be comfortable in their skin for the rest of the world to be comfortable with them.


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