Author: Shamiso Dingembira


This month, a big announcement was made: Final Year Project Funding. The Africa 1K Challenge Final Project Grants document explaining the details was provided including a template to help come up with the proposal document. The proposals were handed in on the 19th. Some members shared their inspiring 1k Challenge program journey videos. They were […]


Group members were asked to submit their targets and plans as to how they are planning to reach the 1k. Shamiso celebrated with the community that she is now a level one seller on Fiverr, four days later she mentioned that her account had been restricted. She then shared the identification process on Fiverr and […]


The beginning of this month was marked by group Zoom meetings. Each of the groups was assigned tasks specific to them, the common one amongst all groups being Keyword Search. The whole group had a zoom call where Simon demonstrated how to do keyword search with Keyword Planner. Nigel K shared detailed steps he takes […]


The community has moved into the second phase of the program to specialise in areas of interest in this month. They have been split into four groups. These are Influencer Model, Knowledge Specialist, Opportunity Hackers, Solving a Problem With a Digital Solution. Malvern shared a link to his animation video and asked for feedback. He […]


Meeting for the first time on Zoom was thrilling. “The Customer Gives The Solution To Their Own Problem.” Who had known? Nkosi highlighted the on demand skills of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in his eBook. Simon mentioned his presentation on the topic, on the future of learning. Group members gave the options, Payoneer  or Diaspora […]


Group members opened up on “Their Poison” and how they thought they would remove it, following the lesson on it. The importance of an “Online Portfolio To Secure Remote Work” was emphasized on; group members shared their online portfolios. There were some improvements to be celebrated as well. Ashton got reviews on Fiverr. The eBook […]


All the community has been learning can only be achieved through the “Power of Consistency”. The submitted eBooks were released to the group for feedback and websites with hosting would be given to publish the eBooks. Simon went on to tell the group how he made money during the 2014 World Cup through blogging sought […]


Simon taught on owning one’s online presence. Group members shared their unfavorable online appearances which needed changing and were provided with free website builders they could use to enhance their portfolios.  The community reflected on when ‘Imposter Syndrome’ occurred in them and how they would stop it. “Four Mistakes Freelancers Have To Avoid,” were given […]


The Africa 1K Challenge program kicked off this month initially in a private Facebook group, Africa 1k Challenge. In the first lesson, “An introduction to the Africa 1k Challenge”, Simon highlighted how the internet has destroyed physical borders. Group members appreciated the sharing, and were excited to begin .One of the students had to say: […]