Author: Shamiso Dingembira


This month, a big announcement was made: Final Year Project Funding. The Africa 1K Challenge Final Project Grants document explaining the details was provided including

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Group members were asked to submit their targets and plans as to how they are planning to reach the 1k. Shamiso celebrated with the community

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The beginning of this month was marked by group Zoom meetings. Each of the groups was assigned tasks specific to them, the common one amongst

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The community has moved into the second phase of the program to specialise in areas of interest in this month. They have been split into

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Meeting for the first time on Zoom was thrilling. “The Customer Gives The Solution To Their Own Problem.” Who had known? Nkosi highlighted the on

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Group members opened up on “Their Poison” and how they thought they would remove it, following the lesson on it. The importance of an “Online

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All the community has been learning can only be achieved through the “Power of Consistency”. The submitted eBooks were released to the group for feedback

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Simon taught on owning one’s online presence. Group members shared their unfavorable online appearances which needed changing and were provided with free website builders they

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The Africa 1K Challenge program kicked off this month initially in a private Facebook group, Africa 1k Challenge. In the first lesson, “An introduction to

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