This month, a big announcement was made: Final Year Project Funding. The Africa 1K Challenge Final Project Grants document explaining the details was provided including a template to help come up with the proposal document. The proposals were handed in on the 19th.

Some members shared their inspiring 1k Challenge program journey videos. They were put up on the newly launched Africa 1K Challenge website.

In the group, the community had a lot to tell.

Malvern shared how he has made significant changes in working towards making that 1K and how he is learning Digital Marketing with Google.

Simba wants to implement Digital Marketing in his food business.

Mercy found out how a website had helped her oils business grow; she only has to be consistent.

Allan told of his passion in finance and economics, and how he plans to monetize his knowledge by helping people manage their wealth and savings. Simon gave an example of a model which Allan can mimic, that of Jack’s Flight Club.

Maureen shared on her invitation to send her music video to Channel  O.

 Ashton informed on his to be launched YouTube channel on an African series. He told of how he is collecting content for his channel.

 Nigel shared a link to his YouTube channel where he teaches how to create patterns on a computer. The group members gave ideas on how he can monetize his idea.

Jeffrey gave a link to his website, which is there to support, engage and encourage start-ups.

Malvern shares with the group a YouTube video on how the community can make money on the platform.

Tafadzwa shared his findings on Instagram and Facebook promotions.

Feedback on the proposals was given.

Simon announced his partnership with Arthur Marara to deliver a fast track version of the Africa 1k Challenge to start on 3 October.

The community has been enthusiastic about the project assistance and sponsorship. There  have been a lot of stories to celebrate this month.


Group members were asked to submit their targets and plans as to how they are planning to reach the 1k.

Shamiso celebrated with the community that she is now a level one seller on Fiverr, four days later she mentioned that her account had been restricted. She then shared the identification process on Fiverr and how her account was reactivated.

Simba asked group members to send fliers of their services or products for his free advertisement slideshow. He later displayed his slideshow with the group.

Nigel shared his YouTube video on how to do Keyword search using Google Keyword Planner.

The community is showing dedication and is steadily working towards the 1k mark. As a result some have given up some things to focus on the goal.


The beginning of this month was marked by group Zoom meetings.

Each of the groups was assigned tasks specific to them, the common one amongst all groups being Keyword Search.

The whole group had a zoom call where Simon demonstrated how to do keyword search with Keyword Planner. Nigel K shared detailed steps he takes when doing his keyword search with the group.

A case study of a Nigerian man selling a book Guide To Starting  A Poultry Farm in Nigeria was given, he being a perfect example of someone feeding a local specific niche.

Group members have been eager to learn about how they could do Keyword Search for Search Engine Optimisation. They marvel at how this method enables them to serve their niches with what they want specifically.


The community has moved into the second phase of the program to specialise in areas of interest in this month. They have been split into four groups. These are Influencer Model, Knowledge Specialist, Opportunity Hackers, Solving a Problem With a Digital Solution.

Malvern shared a link to his animation video and asked for feedback. He told of a platform, Draft2Digital, that publishes eBooks on one’s behalf. 

Maureen shared a link to a cover song she did.

Group members booked for individual calls with Simon.

Some group members feel quite anxious about booking a call, they feel they need time to organise their thoughts. 


Meeting for the first time on Zoom was thrilling.

“The Customer Gives The Solution To Their Own Problem.” Who had known?

Nkosi highlighted the on demand skills of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in his eBook. Simon mentioned his presentation on the topic, on the future of learning.

Group members gave the options, Payoneer  or Diaspora relative’s Paypal account for getting the money they earned online to them in Zimbabwe.

Malvern celebrated with the group on his first Fiverr gig.

There was hype about a graphic designer on Twitter who posted a new look of Mazoe, he being a perfect example of one creating their own luck.

Tafadzwa shared how he had been practicing what he was learning from the group, and how he took a chance on an opportunity that seemed too big for him. He advised that association matters.

Simon cautioned that freelancers not take up bad deals so that they don’t set themselves up for failure.

The community feels enlightened after having the second Zoom meeting because there was a lot to learn from Jussa Dementa’s personal journey. There is no need to reinvent the wheel after all. Acting and showing up counts a lot.


Group members opened up on “Their Poison” and how they thought they would remove it, following the lesson on it.

The importance of an “Online Portfolio To Secure Remote Work” was emphasized on; group members shared their online portfolios.

There were some improvements to be celebrated as well. Ashton got reviews on Fiverr. The eBook Challenge had helped Yvonne to complete work in her name. Chiratidzo realized that he could actually write something that people can read.

A revisit to the goal sheet was done in order to ensure that everyone was still on track.

Simon encouraged group members to participate for them to see personal change, “Your prize is a direct reflection of your grind.”

The group is excited for the upcoming Zoom Meeting.

Ghosts were kindly asked to leave the group.

It has been challenging for the group to confront their weaknesses, but they have been bold enough to share them with the rest of the group. Everyone is happy about seeing each other’s faces for the first time during the first Zoom meeting.


All the community has been learning can only be achieved through the “Power of Consistency”.

The submitted eBooks were released to the group for feedback and websites with hosting would be given to publish the eBooks. Simon went on to tell the group how he made money during the 2014 World Cup through blogging sought after information.

The community discussed how they could survive the effects of the Coronavirus and lockdowns. They brainstormed on how they could create value during this time. Avid Schiffman’s website which tracked Covid-19 cases across the world was given as an example.

Covid-19 has resulted in somewhat low spirits in the group, but some positivity has been shared for support.


Simon taught on owning one’s online presence. Group members shared their unfavorable online appearances which needed changing and were provided with free website builders they could use to enhance their portfolios.

 The community reflected on when ‘Imposter Syndrome’ occurred in them and how they would stop it. “Four Mistakes Freelancers Have To Avoid,” were given to help members as they got started with their Fiverr gigs. Simon’s Case Study on “Packaging Everyday Information” left the group in awe, illuminating what they had been overlooking.

Mercy reached her 1k for the month through graphic design.

A UK digital agency was to give some of its work to the Africa 1K cohort and an “eBook Creation Competition” announcement was made.

Having been told of the importance of doing an online audit has had some individuals panicking  and scurrying to edit their not so appealing online profiles.


The Africa 1K Challenge program kicked off this month initially in a private Facebook group, Africa 1k Challenge.

In the first lesson, “An introduction to the Africa 1k Challenge”, Simon highlighted how the internet has destroyed physical borders. Group members appreciated the sharing, and were excited to begin .One of the students had to say:

Looking at this program, really we don’t need to worry about being employed or even looking at companies in our nation or even travelling abroad to get employment.

Nomalanga Todhlana

The podcast, “How to Achieve Just About Anything”, helped the community  set achievable goals using the one-paged planner template provided.

Members started setting up their Fiverr accounts after the lesson, “How to Start Making Money Online by Joining the Digital Marketplaces”.

Mindset series episodes, “Dealing with family pressure To Go and Get a Job”, and “Challenging Your Assumptions”, were provided to help  deal with challenges that are going to arise.

A shift to the WhatsApp platform for interaction has been  made because of data costs and for better interaction.

This beginning had members reflecting on their goals , they are geared up to begin on this challenge.

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